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What happens when the world goes to hell? Where will you be and will you be ready? Do you think you will survive? Those are all the questions we intend to cover in "our survival guide site"( put in title of site). We want to help anyone that wants to get through all the problems that come with the hard times of an apocalypse.

When ever you think of an apocalypse, one of the first things you want to do is be able to protect yourself. We will be covering the ins and outs of firearms, melee weapons and more to get your knowledge of weaponry to the next level so that you can hold back any ankle bitters.

Once you feel like you can protect yourself, you need to start thinking about some kind of shelter. A shelter could be a wide variety of things, but not all of them are safe or resourceful enough to hold up in certain situations. Read the locations section to know where to go when things start to go down.

You will have weapons knowledge and location knowledge, time to get caught up with your supplies. We will list tips and tricks for scavenging, what to look for and how to store it. Making sure you have food and other essentials will be a big part of your survival.

Finally we want to cover some skills needed for your new life style. You may not chose the life you would have but you can chose to be prepared for it. We will need things like how to make a fire, how to make a shelter, how to hunt, and more.

After all the information we provide in Apocaware, we hope you will be aware, because no one is ever truly ready.

The Team wants to Thank you

Apocaware worked hard to bring you the up-to-date information to help you get through whatever apocalypse you may find yourself in!

Our team consists of 4 members; Zachary, Venessa, Sabrina, and Stephanie.

Each one of us has our own skills that we tried to implement into the site to make your visit more educational and enjoyable. We are always open for conversation about the possible upcoming Zombie apocalypse and ask you to direct any questions or comments to our email found on our contact us page.

As this is a school project, and we are all learning, I would like to say at this time, most of the images where taken from google more for a look and not if it was copy write free.