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Locations- Incase the dead come back

Map of the Dead is very user friendly!
Type in any location to see what useful resourses are near YOU! Check now before the apocolypse, because there will most likely NOT be internet!

the importance of a good location

A location could very much be the make it or break it point in the apocalypse. If you’re in the city or forest, we think everyone can agree anything can happen, and the so called “perfect” location could very well increase your chances of surviving those unexpected situations.

Fortunetly after reading these tips you're chances of survival are far better than before.

what to look for to have the odds on your side

The most important criterias to look for in a location during the apocalypse is a place with a low population, a backup hideout (from humains and zombies), access to a lot of people with survival skills, food, water and weapons.

A great example for a back up hide out is a hidden bunker with plenty of food, water and weapons!

the perfect santuary... is there such a thing?


For the "perfect sanctuary” you need these all the essential mentioned above. Mostly something that is ready for anything and everything two three locations even you never know when things might go to shit. But before leaving try to hide in a bunker but make sure there’s an escape route to get away from the enemy whether their alive or dead, after all you don’t want to lose your “man power” you’re less likely to die if you have more people with you as long as they carry their own weight. You can never be too prepared so always have extras at every location!
Don’t forget to prepare before the outbreak!! It will (maybe) come at one point!