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Basic Survival

Basic Survival Supplies

These are the most basic and essential survival supplies to have

Let there be light
Knives are the most useful tool to have with you in any situation
Because who wants to carry around a heavy axe all day?
Map and Compass
Knowing where you actually are can be quite helpful
Duct Tape
Because duct tape can do anything
Hiking Backpack
It's easier than juggling

There are many places online you can buy these supplies, such as:

Amazon | Red Cross | Total Prepare | Survival Supply


Medical Supplies

If you're being chased around by zombies all day, chances are you're going to get banged up. Instead of dying, use these medical supplies that you've gathered!

Antibiotic Ointment (Polysporin)
Use this to clean open wounds like cuts
Bandages (various sizes)
Cover those holes in your body!
Super glue
A quick bandage alternative
To removeforeign objects from the body
Only use in extreme cases of blood loss
Pain killers
For fun

To learn more about emergency medicine Click Here!


Food Supplies

Food is arguably one of the most important aspects of survival. So instead of starving to death, eat something! Here's a list:

Canned meat and vegetables
Make sure to grab a can opener
Peanut butter
Being high in fat and carbohydrates, peanut butter will keep you going for a while
Dried fruit and nuts
No cooking necessary!
With you're food choices being very narrow, vitamin supplements are a must


There are many to get clean water. Try some of these handy methods!

Bottled water
It's as simple as that, really
Water purification tablets
Iodine kills most bacteria from fresh water sources
Portable water filter
Beacause it works
Boil water between 5 and 20 minutes. If you do not have a fireproof container, you will have to usea process called rock boiling. Rock boiling is when you heat up rocks in a fire then place them in your water to raise the temperature.
Natural purification
Worst case scenario, dig a 2-4 foot hole near a natural water source. The hole will fill up with water and shouldbe clean.

To learn more about survival food and water techniques, visit Ready.gov/food or Ready.gov/water